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My name is Laura Montero, I am from Costa Rica and recently I decided to start my own site. IUS Innova. IUS is a latin term that means law and innova comes from the word innovation. The reason I chose this name is because it refers to the two main subjects I am most interested in, and know most about, law and innovation. I am a bachelor in law currently finishing my dissertation thesis to obtain in a few months a Juris Doctor degree. My thesis subject is cryptocurrency in Costa Rica, a comparative study of the United States regulation. I am also enrolled in programing and blockchain courses. I built this page to create a more profesional web presence and have a place to publish and discuss ideas. The main page for now will have general information about me, links to social media pages, detail of the fields I work on, contact form and this blog to publish what I write. I plan to write academic research, articles about concrete subjects for reference and opinions on various issues. There is going to be a spanish and an English version because I target both audiencies. I want to be a part of the innovation that is going on around the world. I am amazed with how much our world is changing so fast right in front of us. Technology is embedded in every aspect of our lives now a days and it is here to stay. Technology has the capacity to enhance every aspect of our lives. The legal field is no stranger to this and the way law works and is practiced today will radically change in the next few years. I want to study how new technologies work and hopefully soon be part of the creation of new […]